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Church of England Middleham & Coverdale, East Witton & Thornton Steward

The Parish of Middleham with Coverdale, East Witton & Thornton Steward


Recent Events

Sunrise Service

Sunrise Service in Coverdale

A pilgrimage from Middleham to Pinker's Pond at 6am was followed by a service to celebrate Christ's resurrection - with hotcross buns!

Lambing Service

A joy to welcome some new Spring lambs (Smartie, Dino-Lamb II, Bess and Isla) and to thank God for the lambs and the farmers and all their hard work.

War Horse Service

We commemorated the 8 million horses, mules and donkeys that served and died in the First World War at a beautiful and moving service at Pinkers Pond, Coverdale.

We wanted to honour these faithful and noble animals, deeply loved by God, for their service and sacrifice.

Flower Festival at Middleham Church (St Alkelda's)

Stunning displays. Fantastic cakes. Here's a selection of both.

Many blessings from God through the wonderful people involved.

Bubble Prayers at Family Service


We prayed some energetic 'bubble prayers' at our Family Service - and the Rectors' dog also made an appearance - showing us how he follows his master, as we can follow Jesus.

Barry Newsam

On Monday 26th February we gave thanks to God for Barry Newsam at his funeral at East Witton.

Barry Newsam served our parish diligently as a reader, and preached and conducted services in all of our churches.

Before moving to the Dales in 1992, Barry worked as an Organic Chemist, and was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

He was buried alongside his wife, Jean, and leaves a daughter, Karen, and a son, Robin.

Barry will be deeply missed.

Family Communion at Middleham

'The Wisdom of Solomon' was acted out brilliantly by our budding young (and more mature) actors, and we had a fun 'work out' to the song 'Our God is a great big God'.

We wrote prayers asking God for wisdom in our lives - we wrote the prayers on a leaf shape and hung them on our prayer tree.

Our family friendly service is the first Sunday of every month in Middleham - where we learn about God together in an exciting and practical way, and we would love you to come along!

Family Service for Candlemas

We had great fun at our family service - we acted out the story of when Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus went to the temple in Jerusalem to say thank you to God for his blessings.

Special thanks to Mary and baby Jesus, who played their parts so well, and for the children who accompanied the holy family on their journey! And thanks to Barry and to Clarice who played Simeon and Anna the prophet.

We also had great fun with action songs, and 'bubble prayers' which involved blowing bubbles and praying a prayer at the same time!

Burns Night Celebration - 26th January

Middleham Church community celebrated the (in)famous poet Rabbie Burns in the Richard 3rd room at the Key Centre, Middleham.

The 50 attendees were treated to the haggis being ‘piped in’ by the Blethermen Band (with a strong Irish influence!).

Paul addressed the haggis in Gaelic from an ancient book, after the Selkirk grace from rev Liz Moody also in Gaelic, culminating in the haggis being ‘knifed’ to death ready for eating by the assembled company.

The traditional fare of Haggis, neeps and tatties was one of the best tasted by the assembled company by courtesy of Fairhurst catering.

The traditional ‘wee drams’ accompanied the meal with wine and wall to wall conversation followed by the traditional toasts.

Firstly Dave May toasted ‘The Lassies’ in remembrance of Rabbie Burn’s wife and 9 children relating it to the modern day with slightly non-politically correct attributes, as is the custom.

Leslie Sweeting responded with a similarly couched poem acknowledging the toast and toasting to ‘The Laddies’.

All was in good jest and the band then entertained and encouraged Scottish dancing in celebration of the great man’s birthday.

Middleham Carol Concert

Approximately 60 people turned out on a chilly Friday night on 15th December for the Middleham Carol Concert.

The concert had a true Yorkshire flavour with the carols being accompanied by the Bedale Brass Band. The carols were interspersed with various Christmas readings, the highlights of which was our award winning reader Jacqueline Wells reading a piece by Gervase Phinn. However there is nothing better than home made and we were treated to two delightful lighter pieces, Angel Adventure and Shepherd's News written by Revd. Liz Moody who led the service, ably read by Ann Lundie and Howard Thomas.

Afterwards we enjoyed home made mince pies washed down with a tasty tot of mulled wine.

The collection during the service raised over £200 to help the poor Syrian refugees sadly living under tarpaulin in a desperate plight.

East Witton Christmas Fair 2017

The East Witton Christmas Fair was the usual popular event it always is. A great opportunity to get some Christmas shopping with great bargains to be had. Some local folks showcased craft work and the like which was wonderful to see what hidden talents there are around.

There was a raffle with some lovely prizes. Even if you did't come to buy the fair was a wonderful opportunity for people to come and have a natter and catch up with friends with the kitchen team keeping the cups of tea flowing accompanied by delicious home made mince pies.

Thank you to all who worked hard in organising the event which raised over £400 for Church funds.