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Church of England Middleham & Coverdale, East Witton & Thornton Steward

The Parish of Middleham with Coverdale, East Witton & Thornton Steward

Sharing God's blessing


Recent Events

Festival of Angels

Our Festival of Angels was a great success - here are some winning entries in the children's categories. Some of the (very talented) students from Wensleydale School choir gave a wonderful concert at our community 'Preview Evening'. 

Festival of Angels

Festival of Angels 2


Some of the children holding their Christingles at St Alkelda's.



Confirmation East Witton 2019

Bishop Helen-Ann, the bishop of Ripon, came to confirm two of our young people. Great celebrations!

Confirmation East Witton 2019

Weekend away (Sept 2019)


A small group of us had a wonderful weekend away at Wydale Hall - fantastic grounds, lovely staff, good food, time for prayer and contemplation, and it was just fantastic to be together and have fun!

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Sunrise Service

Sunrise Service in Coverdale

A pilgrimage from Middleham to Pinker's Pond at 6am was followed by a service to celebrate Christ's resurrection - with hotcross buns!

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Lambing Service

A joy to welcome some new Spring lambs (Smartie, Dino-Lamb II, Bess and Isla) and to thank God for the lambs and the farmers and all their hard work.

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War Horse Service

We commemorated the 8 million horses, mules and donkeys that served and died in the First World War at a beautiful and moving service at Pinkers Pond, Coverdale.

We wanted to honour these faithful and noble animals, deeply loved by God, for their service and sacrifice.

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Flower Festival at Middleham Church (St Alkelda's)

Stunning displays. Fantastic cakes. Here's a selection of both.

Many blessings from God through the wonderful people involved.

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Bubble Prayers at Family Service

We prayed some energetic 'bubble prayers' at our Family Service - and the Rectors' dog also made an appearance - showing us how he follows his master, as we can follow Jesus.

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